Frequently Asked Questions

Answer To All Your Questions About Cakes

How do I order a cake?

Ordering a cake is easy! We can take your over over email, or the phone at 808.542.0131 or we can set up an appointment for a cake consultation to discuss your order and details in person.  An in person consultation optional and not required. Consultations are held by appointment only so we ask that you please call or email us to schedule your appointment time.

Do you offer cake tasting? How do I schedule a cake consultation?

Consultation General Info:

A Cake Consultation is a custom design and cake tasting session between you and our owner and designer, Kristin. This is your own reserved one-on-one appointment time lasting between 30-45 minutes

There is a $30.00 fee for cake consultations which are by appointment only, and must be paid for in advance. Consultations are held Tuesday through Friday between 10am to 6pm, Saturday and Sunday between 10am to 3pm, we are closed on Mondays.

The consultation is not applied to the balance for your reservation.

Please be on time as consultations are booked back to back.

We recommend both you, your fiancee or partner attend the consultation.  Seating is limited in our showroom for up to 4 people.


Consultation Scheduling:

Here is a list of our next available appointment times:

If these timeslots do not work for you, all of our cakes samples are packed in a to-go bento box for you to take home to taste on your own. 24 hrs advance notice is required for bento box pick up.  Bento boxes are $20.00 and include 6 flavors to taste.  From there, after you taste your sampler, we can work with you to answer your questions and coordinate the details for your reservation.


Flavor Selection:

For your tasting session we will prepare 6 flavors

Here is a link of our 6 most popular flavors

You can view our full menu of 15 flavors on our website:

You can switch out any of these flavors, as long as you let us know in advance, please email us a list of your 6 flavor selections for your cake tasting.


Fee Processing:

For the consultation fee, we will email you a form to fill out with your card info to pay online,  or call us at 808-542-0131 to pay over the phone, or send a check in the mail payable to A Cake Life 2320 South King Street Honolulu, HI 96826 – which do you prefer?

The consultation fee is refundable up to one week prior to your consultation. 


Please note our location as we can be hard to find:

Our address is:

2320 South King Street
Honolulu HI 96826

We are across the Stadium Park on the left side of King Street, in the same complex as L&L, Kozo Sushi, Sweet Home Cafe and Pizza Hut. We are to the immediate right of Pizza Hut, between Pizza Hut and Aloha Vietnamese, and have a sign on our door with our pink curtains.

What if I’m not in Honolulu? How do I schedule a cake tasting?

If you are planning your wedding from out of town, we would be happy to meet with your wedding coordinator, friend or family member to hold a cake tasting with them. We will then coordinate with you via phone and email to create your custom cake design.

Do I have to schedule a cake consultation to place an order?

No, consultations are optional.  You can choose if you want to have a sit down appointment to discuss your cake details.  Or you can call or email us with your information and we can process your order from there.

Do you ship your cakes for tasting?

No, we do not ship our cake samples at this time.

How far in advance should I place my order?

Due to the detail, customization and attention we give to each cake, we can only accommodate a limited number of cakes per day and will close out the date. We strongly recommend you contact us regarding your cake as soon as you know the date and venue of your event. Overall, we recommend that orders be placed 3-4 months in advance for weddings and a month in advance for event cakes and cupcakes.  We can sometimes accommodate last minute requests.  Please inquire and we can let you know our availability.

Popular wedding dates (ie: 12-13-14) and summer time weddings will close early and should be booked 10-12 months in advance. A non-refundable, non-transferable 40% retainer will reserve your date. We can take cake orders up to 14 months prior.

Do you deliver your cakes?

Yes, we deliver to all locations on Oahu. The delivery charge is based on the distance of travel. Please see our pricing page for delivery fee information. A delivery fee will automatically be charged for cakes requiring on-site assembly.

What is fondant?

Fondant is a sugar dough that is rolled out and draped over a buttercream iced cake. Fondant creates a smooth, seamless, porcelain-like finish. Fondant also seals the cake and helps to keep the inside moist.

What does fondant taste like?

Our fondant has a sweet taste which some describe it as similar to marshmallows. Some of you may have not had a pleasant experience with fondant but, we welcome you to please try ours! We use a ready-made premium quality brand fondant that we think you’ll enjoy.

Which is better – fondant or buttercream?

This is a matter of personal preference. If you are having an outdoor reception, we always recommend fondant as it will hold up the best in our Hawaiian heat and humidity.  Check out this great article discussing the differences between Buttercream vs. Fondant.

How do I figure out what kind of cake design I want?

There are many great places for cake inspiration, the following galleries of our work are a great place to start.

Wedding Cakes

Specialty Cakes




Hawaii Wedding Love

Can I have a different flavor for each tier?

Yes, you can customize each tier of your cake to be a different flavor. There is no additional charge for different flavors.

What if I don’t need that much cake but would like a large tiered cake? Do you make fake tiers?

Yes, we do make fake tiers. The fake tiers are made of a styrofoam interior and decorated along with the rest of your cake. You would not be able to tell it is a fake tier. The fake tier is purely for display purposes only and not to be cut.

The faux tiers are calculated at 30% less the price/serving of the real tiers.

Can I have fresh flowers on my cake?

Yes, you can have fresh flowers on your cake. However, there are certain flowers that are toxic and should not be placed on any cakes. Flowers treated with pesticides or those containing sap or pollen are unsafe for placement on your cake. You should contact your florist to discuss the safety of using fresh flowers. Gum sugar paste flowers offer a beautiful, food-safe alternative to fresh flowers.

What are gum paste sugar flowers?

Gum paste flowers are made from a type of sugar dough that is rolled out, cut and shaped to create a beautiful realistic flower. The flowers are then left to dry and hand painted for that final life-like touch. Gum paste flowers are the perfect alternative to using potentially toxic fresh flowers. They can also be preserved after your wedding for a keepsake.

Can I purchase only gum paste flowers to decorate my own cake?

No, we do not sell any gum paste flowers a la carte.